Self Ruqya (Ruqyah) is by far the best course of action. If however for any reason you are unable to resolve the situation yourself & need further assistance please contact us.

Our method is from the authentic Sunnah as we simply recite the verses of the noble Qur’an on the patient. If there is anything Supernatural afflicting the person it becomes evident to all those present (with the permission of Allah (SWT)). We then prescribe the most proficient way forward to help treat the problem.

We are strictly against the use of Taweez, Amulets or Charms. If anything, we usually ask the patient to gather any amulets they have so we can open them in front of the owners to expose the fitna (tribulation) these amulets/taweez create. 

In our experience the people who get cured most efficiently are the ones who’s Aqeedah (Islamic Creed) is correct & they have a firm understanding of Tawheed (Oneness of God). They are the people who not only have complete Tawakkul-Allah (Trust & Reliance on their Lord), but they also implement the religion to the best of their ability & are wary of committing sins.

We like to enquire whether the patient has already seen a doctor or specialist regarding their problem & whether they’ve had the relevant tests or scans done. As we do get some cases which may seem Supernatural on the surface but have in fact a logical explanation or medical cause. Such patients are prompted to seek further help from the appropriate field, be that medical, psychiatric or any other means of intervention.

If you need assistance please contact us