Delusion is a serious mental illness. If a person is overcome by delusions, it is difficult to escape from them. No person is free of delusions that sometimes come to him, and in some cases life is delusion upon delusion, to such an extent that the delusions have a greater influence on a person than reality. With the spread of treatment by means of the Qur'an and people seeing cases of epilepsy, and the spread of stories, whether from people who have gone for treatment or from books, delusions have started to encroach upon the minds of many people as a result of the many problems of life. 

Even those who are righteous and upright in their religious commitment are not free from the problems of delusion. People's fear of the jinn and devils plays a major role in cases of delusion. Many people have started to make a connection between a particular sickness that has struck them, or a problem in life, or ordinary marital arguments, or specific incidents that have happened to them and other things. They start to go over the causes of these problems or arguments, then they decide that so-and-so must have put the evil eye on them. 

Or maybe a person fell one day and the jinn possessed him as a result, so he tells you of the symptoms he feels. In fact if the disease of delusion strikes a man, it is one of the most serious kinds of disease, for jinn possession may be dealt with by reciting the Qur'an as a Ruqya, but the disease of delusion is a vicious circle. Similarly, some people may imagine that they have been bewitched or that so-and-so has put a spell on them because of some problem between them, so their thinking becomes confused and their lives become chaotic, and they tell themselves that they have been bewitched. 

If the delusion of having being possessed by the jinn or having been bewitched takes hold of a person, then his thinking becomes confused and his life becomes chaotic; his glands start to malfunction and the signs of possession or bewitchment appear in him. He may suffer convulsions or lose consciousness as the result of what modem psychology calls autosuggestion. Then anxiety accompanied by intense fear starts to take over his life. His nervous system begins to malfunction, the muscles of the heart tense up and physical symptoms appear. 

The sick person feels pain in the area of the heart and the pain increases as the fear grows. Other symptoms appear as the result of the malfunction in the nervous system, and there is no part of the body which is not affected by this case of anxiety. The heart rate increases and may become irregular, the blood pressure rises, the digestive system malfunctions, pains develop in the stomach and the patient's sexual desire may be affected so that he feels no attraction towards his wife; The muscles of the body become tense, and muscle tension in the head leads to migraines. In fact many of those who go to those who offer treatment using the Noble Qur'an are suffering from delusions. 

Very few of them are actually possessed by the jinn, even though they may show symptoms of jinn possession. The fact of the matter, as supported by psychology, is that ongoing anxiety does indeed cause real physical illness, so the pain becomes a physical reality, not just tension. Anxiety may cause stomach ulcers, angina and other problems, which changes a person's life and causes him to lose ambition and neglect his work; it also causes disruption in his marital life, and he becomes a prisoner to delusion and fear. 

There is a real remedy for this problem, to be found in psychology if the person has been overtaken by delusions for a long time. If the problem has only recently begun, however, he must recite prayers for protection.