Intense fear

There are two aspects to fear caused by the jinn, one which is correct and one which is incorrect. The correct aspect is to note that there are some jinn who can overpower humans and make them hear voices and see things, and feel that someone is following them and make them scared inside their own homes.

The way to deal with this is to recite the Qur'an, regularly recite the Adhkaar for morning and evening, and follow a special program for the sick person. The incorrect aspect is the great fear of the jinn that is deeply-rooted in many people. There is nothing to justify such fear from an Islamic point of view. Hence we will outline the reasons why people have developed such fear at the very mention of the jinn, and then we will be able to put our finger on the problem and find the remedy.


Reasons Why People are Afraid of the Jinn

  1. First and foremost among these reasons is ignorance of Tawheed. If knowledge of Tawheed is lacking in a place, there will be widespread ignorance. Myths will be prevalent and the devils will take over. Charlatans will find fertile ground for their falsehood and the devils will help them in that. So people will believe that the jinn are able to know the unseen, bring benefit and ward off harm, which are attributes that belong only to Allah. Hence great fear is created at the very mention of the jinn. 
  2. The spread of made-up stories. People are very fond of such stories and love to hear them, and they spread with amazing speed. These stories play a major role in stirring up this fear among women and children, and weak-hearted men. 
  3. Witches also play a major role in spreading this fear and these stories and myths. 
  4. Some cases of jinn possession which come about as the result of people's negligence and failure to recite the Adhkaar prescribed in Sharia, which exposes them to the harm of the jinn and to jinn possession.

It should be noted that the jinn are not all ugly and dark as they appear in the stories of possession and causing fear and harm. There are some jinn who are more righteous than humans, and some jinn have a glowing record of faith, piety and calling others to Allah (SWT), as is mentioned at the beginning of Surah Al- Jinn which speaks of a group of jinn who listened to the Qur'an being recited on the lips of the Messenger and they went back and warned their people.