Sihr of Seperation

Allah (SWT) says in the noble Qur’an: 

and they follow what the Satan’s recited over Sulayman's Kingdom. Sulayman disbelieved not but the Satan’s disbelieved, teaching the people sorcery, and that which was sent down upon Babylon's two angels, Harut and Marut; they taught not any man, without they said, 'We are but a temptation; do not disbelieve ' From them they learned how they might divide a man and his wife, yet they did not hurt any man thereby, save by the leave of Allah, and they learnt what they hurt them and did not profit them, knowing well that whosoever buys it shall have no share in the world to come; evil then was that they sold themselves for; if they had but known. Al-Qur’an, 2:102


Jabir (RA) reported that the prophet (PBUH) said:

Iblis would lay his throne on water and would send his brigade of demons, The lowest among them in rank is the one who is most notorious in stirring up fitna. One of the demons would, after a mission, come and say to Iblis, 'I have done so and so.' iblis would reply, 'You have not done anything.' Another one would come and say: 'I have not left such and such person until I separated him from his wife ' Iblis would come closer to his demon and say, 'How good you are'. Sahih Muslim in An-Nawawi. 17/157

Types of Sihr of Separation

  1. Separating a person from his/her mother
  2. Separating a person from his/her father 
  3. Separating a person from his/her brother 
  4. Separating a person from his/her friend 
  5. Separating a person from his/her business partner 
  6. Separating a person from his/her spouse, (This is the most dangerous and prevalent type)


  1. A sudden change in attitude from love to hate. 
  2. A great deal of suspicion is aroused between the two people concerned 
  3. No excuses are accepted by either party, even if one of them is in the wrong 
  4. Exagerating the causes of disputes between two people, even though they may be trivial. 
  5. Changing the mental image that a woman may have of her husband, or changing the mental image that a man may have of his wife; so that the man would see his wife in an ugly way, even though she were beautiful. In reality, it is the demon who is entrusted with the task of performing this type of sihr is the one who would appear to the husband in her person, but in an ugly way, By the same token, the woman would see her husband in a horrible way. 
  6. The person affected by sihr hates anything the other party does 
  7. The person affected by sihr hates the place in which the other party stays For instance, a husband may be in good mood when he is outdoors, but when he returns home, he feels quite depressed. 

According to Al-Hafiz Ibn Kathir, the cause of separation between two spouses through this sihr is that each of them appears to the other as an ugly or ill-mannered person.
(Tafsir Ibn Kathir: 1/144)